Adele Robots S.L


Parque Tecnológico de Asturias. Parcela 30
E33428 Llanera ASTURIAS


Celestino Alvárez Martínez. CEO
phone: +34 902 286 386

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Humanoid robots, Service robots,Robot Design, Virtual Robots,Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistans.

Company profile:

Adele Robots is a company focused on social robotics and virtual assistants with the main goal of improving business efficiency and customers’ quality of life.
Our multidisciplinary team has been working in Asturias since 2010 developing solutions for human-robot interaction. A good example of our work is Tico, a humanoid robot which has been providing solutions and services in different spheres like Education, Marketing, Advertising and the Food Industry. Adelele Robots also focused their work on the specialization in multi-channel robots aimed at improving customer service.

Products and services:

Tico is a social robot developed by Adele Robots to interact with humans in different environments, primarily promotional events and in education as a helper for teachers.
Initially created by Treelogic in 2007 as a research platform for Human-Robot Interaction, it has participated in several R&D projects such as ACROSS, and was also tested in supermarkets and schools. It became commercially available in 2010.
The first version included a laser rangefinder and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection, and a camera for tracking people and reading QR codes.[clarification needed] It also has a touch screen. Its head and neck access 6 degrees of freedom. It moves using differential steering with two high-torque EC gear-motors, and runs Ubuntu 9.10 on a 1.6Ghz Intel Core Duo. It stands 1.5 meters tall (4 ft. 11 in) and weighs 85 kilograms (187 lb.). A new, fresh battery allows it to run freely for eight hours.

PARO is a robot modeled after a baby harp seal that instead of coming from the iciest place on earth, comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, actually from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan (AIST).
Paro is a therapeutic tool based on the evolution of animal therapy. It offers similar benefits while avoiding the risks associated with this type of therapy. It’s recommended to be used with people with dementia symptoms, elderly people, hospitalized children or people with mental disabilities, where the emotional area is very propitious for improvement.

FIONA is an online platform to create the next generation of virtual robots: more interactive, more striking and smarter.
Fiona allows users to create their own intelligent character or virtual robot. Developers, researchers, companies, geeks and designers from around the world can contribute to the platform uploading their killer feature, a specific behavior, an amazing character or the best of their knowledge in a topic. These are sparks, like apps.
The smarter the sparks are, the smarter the character will be. Everything with the final goal to create a character that is finally able to understand humans. In other words, the final goal is to create an artificial mind.

The Client Relations Factory is the site where you can easily configure your own virtual robot, for client engagement, sales, and customer support, for an unbeatable price. With a virtual robot on your website you can provide your clients with support anytime they need.
Your own virtual robot can increase your website traffic. More time means more sales opportunities. You will improve the way your clients see you and your relationship with them by knowing their needs thanks to the intelligence and technology of your virtual robot.